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So French Cabaret has been founded by Margot Sergent, French singer and harp player, songwriter and producer. This  unique jazz ensemble (featuring the harp)  promotes French and American songs of the 1920’s – 1940’s.

 Based on a traditional trad  jazz ensemble, So French Cabaret’s rhythm section features a bass player and a guitarist, with the centerpiece of the band being a full-sized harp, which adds a fairy “je ne sais quoi” to the irresistible swing. So French Cabaret invites you to take a musical journey, and hear the magical connection between French and American jazz music and experience the romance and excitement of the prohibition era.

Since many major collaborations with world class Brazilian artists, So French Cabaret has been also exploring the Brazilian and French connexion through time less Bossa Novas. 

So French Cabaret is an independant production that is very proud to co-create with its Patreons and followers.  May each of the loving and soulful contributors be sure of our tremendous gratitude. This band has been moving on (and will keep moving on)  thanks to YOU!

Margot’s live performances convey a physical delight in playing music as well as an artist's sensitivity to the complicated harmonies and rhythms of jazz; her harp is a perfect instrument, attached to a musician of superb instincts, capable of expressing profound human experiences with a wholly original voice  -  Archie Shepp, legendary jazz saxophonist



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