Inner voice

I recently released an unusual video on my Patreon page. As this pandemic brought a lot a space to introspect and reflect on life, choices, and hopes, I dived to the why music has been so important to my life…

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Hello everyone, 

I will be straight to the point; I am exhausted. 

Each day is a battle, and the battle is to find sense within the day. It's fight to plug to my happiness. Every single hour. 

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It's ok to redefine...



Therefore,  I will openly, publicly, outrageously steal the words of one of my biggest inspirations, Romy Schneider. 

Will be crossed by an inspirational hippiedeepy facebook page quote.

Follow my lead.


For a…

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Fighting the invisible


Will start in an unusual way, but I was watching a small video about the latest instagram of Johnny Deep. 

It moved me. How his words were compassionate, caring and meaningful. 

As an artist, was complicated to keep going…

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Birdland Nov 22 and 23th

A dream come true.

There is no word.

It's on the website already; and we are cooking for you a very special show.

September is promising. 


I am ready:)


Ready to enjoy the last weekend before the september fever, a few words as I promised to myself to hang on this weekly blog.

I discovered recently the power of the self discipline (a book written by Jack Canfield- thanks…

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Blog 3 (plus 2 days... I know...)


So much this week that I have passed the D day. 

Where did the summer go??? I really wanted to move forward to finalize the album songs (13 originals to come), but life took a step on it. 


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