Birdland Nov 22 and 23th

A dream come true.

There is no word.

It's on the website already; and we are cooking for you a very special show.

September is promising. 


I am ready:)


Ready to enjoy the last weekend before the september fever, a few words as I promised to myself to hang on this weekly blog.

I discovered recently the power of the self discipline (a book written by Jack Canfield- thanks…

Blog 3 (plus 2 days... I know...)


So much this week that I have passed the D day. 

Where did the summer go??? I really wanted to move forward to finalize the album songs (13 originals to come), but life took a step on it. 


What will always be hard to describe about been on stage

Blog week 2. Am I inspired to write something today. Hell yes, and hell no. The every day life looks like a roller coster. Hell and heaven coexisting. Situations that breaks my heart, and Angel's delivering breathtaking gifts. The same…

A beginning....

There is a need of a beginning of anything. Like saying “yes” to the instructor for your first skydiving jump. “Are you ready to jump?” Never. Never READY to jump. Ready to make a dream come true, YES.  

Even though…