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Ready to enjoy the last weekend before the september fever, a few words as I promised to myself to hang on this weekly blog.

I discovered recently the power of the self discipline (a book written by Jack Canfield- thanks Jack). 

Why? because I am living my dream and I am putting myself under pressure by enthusiasm. You coudn't believe such thing could happen??? Believe me, it does.

Don't know how long it will stay, but so far The Power of Self-discipine is  life changing.

Some people ask me;  how do you make the best of your free time, when you are not performing.


Free what???

Musician life nowadays is not less than running a start up. 

As much as I adore the freedom that it gives, it can be overwhelming, especially with  exponential creative  thoughts. 

Good problem.

That been said, I will try to apply the one-step-at-a-time mood. 

After the weekend. 



Blog 3 (plus 2 days... I know...) 


So much this week that I have passed the D day. 

Where did the summer go??? I really wanted to move forward to finalize the album songs (13 originals to come), but life took a step on it. 

Like it's often the cas, I will do it in a rush. Because it's a question of a moment, of the moment, the present moment.

I could spend my days in contemplating. One day, someone told me I had eagle eyes. That I was always scanning what/who was around me.

Let's say songwriting is the same way (for a part only of the process); to capture the unheard that runs in front of you for a second. 

It's called a song seed. 

A garden is about to grow, with the best co-writer possible.

In my Angels Arms...

What will always be hard to describe about been on stage 

Blog week 2. Am I inspired to write something today. Hell yes, and hell no. The every day life looks like a roller coster. Hell and heaven coexisting. Situations that breaks my heart, and Angel's delivering breathtaking gifts. The same day. (can't wait to announce  the good part... but not on the program yet... so still SECRET) 

Seems to be on the edge all the time; only balanced by purpose. Because it's so unnatural to stand in front of an audience (why should I? why do I have the pretension of doing it?) mixed with the need to deliver emotions, to create a space to share them, to develop them with the others musicians, and with the audience. To make hearts keep beating. With subtle  material. 

Am I shy? Sure I am. But as soon as I embrace my dopple ganger- called " the artist Margot Sergent" I enter another dimension. 

How could I define it ? It's magic.  No more, no less.

A beginning.... 

There is a need of a beginning of anything. Like saying “yes” to the instructor for your first skydiving jump. “Are you ready to jump?” Never. Never READY to jump. Ready to make a dream come true, YES.  

Even though I feel so far away of being ready to start, I will. Blog 1- week 1.  

Certainly as uncertain and fearful as I was, when 7 years ago, I had the crazy idea to apply for the best jazz music school in the world. Yes, this is what I typed on my computer as a research : “best jazz school in the world”. The answer was Berklee. I called Berkeley University. Of course, I did. “You may have wanted to reach BerKLEE”. Blank. 

I had been introduced to jazz, a couple years before  by a bass player who went to Berklee, and even before, by a wonderful Brazilian Jazz singer who leaded to meet Archie Shepp. The legend, the one and only Archie Shepp. Whom I learned the importance of his carreer after jaming with him on stage. “Who is he?” was I asking to the sound guy backstage after having this blessed suspended moment. Eyes rolled. Me, blushing afterwards, after a quick research on internet back home.  

This is certainly how a dream come true; through fears, doubts and a ton of innocence.